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Gasoline passed the 3 lev

Psychological barrier in fuel prices collapsed, said "Press." Yesterday gasoline hit three lev per liter.
So far over it is only fuel of the highest class. From yesterday stations "ECTO Sport 98" has sold for 3.03 lev high grade fuel "Lukoil" also sold for 3.03 lev / l
This is an absolute record in fuel prices since the introduction of the currency board in 1997
The new record comes after fifth straight monthly rise in fuel prices. Monday petrol and diesel jumped another 4 cents, recalls "Trud".
The most common and 95 now goes to retail 2.77 lev Diesel rose again to 2.71 lev and a step away from his record on March 21, when the price reached 2.73 lev
Another rise in fuel prices is expected to affect the price of the service, and then all the goods. Most taxi companies are also preparing a jump of 20 cent per kilometer.
Galloping fuel prices will lead to increases in lightning cheapest food says "Press".
Bread, milk, fruits and vegetables will be the first items to react to price another earthquake.
Fuels have always increased in summer and decreased in autumn, from September to October, they will fall inward, Finance Minister, commenting on the "New TV" (Novatv.bg) morning.
Moreover, prices are set globally, he added, stressing that on fuel are bound by a common EU policy.
In the midst of vocational season gasoline prices in Germany reached a new record, said Obshtogermanskiyat automobile club ADAC. Over the past weekend was broken price record set on April 18, informed the "Deutsche Welle".
Liter of gasoline mark Super E10 (95 to 10 percent ethanol admixture) cost an average of € 1.692, up .018 cents more than in April. At many stations the price per liter of Super E10 significantly exceeded € 1.70.
Rising gasoline is due to high oil prices. On August 20, the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil exceeded $ 114, while in early July it was only $ 89.
The price impact and low exchange rate of the euro. Oil operations in global markets is conducted in dollars. Therefore when the euro fell against the dollar in Germany and other euro zone countries rising petrol.
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